Get an extra BOOST from your soaps!

Fields of Gold Farm is excited to create these unique goat milk soaps and share the wonderfully healing qualities about each one! Over the years we have been making these soaps, we’ve come across the right combination of elements to give you the best-of-the-best that a soap could offer your body! Here’s what we came up with:


Luxuriously Moisturizing & Nutrient-Rich Combinations

Our goat milk is packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins. Our local, farm-fresh made goat milk soaps contain vitamins A, D, C, B1, B12 and E, which feed the skin and are absorbed into the body, all helping to hydrate and nourish on a very deep level. Our soaps are softer than most on the market, and as a result, we’ve found them to be the best formula to benefit your body, no matter your skin type.


High Quality Ingredients

All of our soaps are made from the highest quality, organic, health promoting vegetable oils and butters, forming a full luxurious lather. Each bar contains our farm-fresh healthy goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, illipe butter, almond oil, a wide variety of exquisite pure essential oils, then enhanced with our special biofeedback frequency combos to give you the ‘next level’ of beneficial healing soaps, supporting general vitality, good health and wellbeing with everyday use. This is the first soap of its kind and we’ve had so many folks who have experienced the benefits and come back for more. Thank you for loving our soaps!

Because we only use the best of ingredients, your skin feels moisturized and not dry or stripped of oils! And since we do not use animal oils, our soap rinses clean and leaves no ‘soapy film’ feeling behind. Our rich moisturizers assure soft skin without itchiness or oiliness. We guarantee you a completely satisfying soap, making your skin smile!


Boosted with Beneficial Biofeedback Frequencies

All our soaps are enhanced with a special combination of biofeedback frequencies that support the body’s vitality in many ways! Being an advanced quantum biofeedback therapist for many years and working with numerous clients balancing their specific health issues, helped to formulate our soap recipes to include an EXTRA BOOST for supporting better health. These are the only soaps in the marketplace which have these additional qualities. The enhanced combinations stay boosted until you finish with your soap, and no special care is needed to maximize special qualities. The more sensitive you are to these subtle frequencies, the more you will feel them supporting you. Both fun and exciting to know that there’s more to benefit you from using our soap blends.

Not just your Grandma’s same old everyday goat milk soaps! Yes, welcome to the next level of luxury soaps which have been specifically formulated using our unique feature of biofeedback frequencies! This natural beneficial component in our formula, gives an exciting extra dimension to our soaps. This ‘energetic focus’ or ‘attribute’ becomes part of each soap we create for an incredible one-of-a-kind bath experience! With regular use, you wil notice a difference! There’s no other soap like it… promise!





Here are the basic energetic attributes of each soap:


Christ Purifying Soap uplifted feeling of support; gets rid of the ‘black cloud’ feeling; emotional and physical cleansing

Maple Leaf Soap rebalances and helps with changes of any kind; increases self-value and self-worth

Luxury Wave Bar Soap calming, refreshing and peace-filled; feeling like “all is well”

Mixed Flower Soaps uplifting energy booster; get your ‘glow on’ today

Metro Bar Soap standing in your power; getting your life back together and feeling more confident about it

Classic Soap Collection be all you can be; support for removing life’s blocks so your flow returns

Nature Soaps Gift Box feeling like blessings abound for you; feeling safe and secure

Gentle Baby Soap supporting a good foundation in life; encourages all over balance

Sea Clay Flower Soap open to life’s unfolding process; feeling of love and comfort straight to the core

Pet Wash Soap cleanses the energy field; soothing, refreshing and healing on all levels; love and respect for all of life

GRAB-bar Soap support through life’s overwhelming storms; amplifies faith and core convictions

Universal Soap – helps with healing and resolving emotional, physical, mental, energetic issues; programable soap for specific issues

Horse Wash Soap (For People Too) – helps with optimal conditioning for horses; programable soap for specific issues

Custom Goat Milk Soaps Gift Baskets – various, depending on soaps chosen

“About 20 years ago I discovered that scent in just about any product would cause troubles to my sensitive system: soaps, lotions, washing detergents and dryer sheets in particular would cause me itching, stinging and sneezing.  Last week, I was introduced to Fields of Gold Farm Classic Collection Goat Milk Soaps.  I’ve used the soap every morning since, even on my face and I’ve had no coughing, sneezing or redness, and no stinging or itching on the sensitive parts!  I’m still just amazed that I can luxuriate in the sweet, gentle scent of essential oils and not feel the need to sneeze!!   I can’t tell you how tickled I am!”                        — RD, Atlanta


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 2.52.47 PM


Why use our soaps?  Need a few more reasons?


Anti-inflammatory Properties

Goat milk reduces skin inflammation due to its fat molecule content. The cream present in goat milk is a moisturizer, soothing dry and damaged skin, possessing an anti-inflammatory effect.


Treats Skin Issues

Studies now show that goat milk is effective for treating a variety of skin conditions. This is primarily because goat milk has anti-bacterial properties that delay the growth of microbial organisms that have a negative impact.



Our recipe is chemical-free, thus non-toxic to your body. Please remember to watch out for these harmful ingredients that appear in other skin care products and do not use them. They are very harmful to your health and wellbeing.



Delays Signs of Skin Aging

Goat milk soap delays signs of skin aging due to its high content of alpha-hydroxy acids, such as lactic acid. Alpha-hydroxy acids break down dead skin cell bonds, removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and leaves behind new cells on the surface that appear smoother and more youthful. Water-based soaps, on mainstream supermarket shelves, use harsh chemical acids to break down skin cells. The lasting effect of chemical acids on the skin is more similar to a chemical burn. Alpha-hydroxy acids found naturally in goat milk, work with skin instead of breaking it down and aging it further.


Loaded with REAL Nutrition

Goat milk contains many vitamins, but is particularly high in vitamin A, which is necessary to repair damaged skin tissue, maintaining healthy skin. Water-based soaps can be ARTIFICIALLY fortified with vitamins, but most aren’t. Goat milk also contains important minerals for the skin such as selenium. Selenium is believed by scientists to have an important role in preventing skin cancer and can also help prevent skin damage.


And now… what about our loving pets!


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 3.06.14 PMOur goat milk soap for pets helps with most skin and coat issues… from allergies, to dry skin, to stress, to fleas… to just time for a bath to get that shiny coat back and happy smiles too! Use our pet wash soaps for all kinds of pets you normally bathe. Our soap cleans well and is soothing, healthy, non-irritating, plus completely non-toxic. Your pet will completely enjoy bath time!


Everybody get an extra BOOST from your soaps!