Why Our Food Choices Matter

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Why Our Food Post

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and purchased what looked to be good quality produce, only to end up throwing it all away a few days later because it had spoiled? This seems to happen more often than not these days. Rarely do we as consumers purchase perishables that can’t be eaten within a couple of days of bringing them home from market. Even properly refrigerated items seem to turn bad quickly. Why is this happening you say?

The answer is found, in part, within our country’s poor agricultural practices. If we do not spend the time on creating and supporting healthy soils, we will not achieve nutrient dense healthy foods that have the necessary energetic components inherent to sustain life. Low energy foods lack the nutritional building blocks and other aspects we need for balanced health and wellbeing. It is often contended that if you eat a balanced diet with something from every food group, then you will be healthy. Unfortunately, there is no way to make something out of nothing. If the food does not contain the proper nutrients, then the consumer will not receive those nutrients, no matter how it is eaten. Nutritional programs are not so bad in the whole scheme of things. The primary problem with most is that they do not consider the fact that nutritionally deficient foods often contain many things they should not, such as, chemicals, drugs, heavy metals and/or pathogens.

Remember, we are only as nutritionally sound as the food consumed. Correct the soil fertility imbalance and the nutritional problems will take care of themselves.

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