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Fields of Gold Farm is a Bio-Dynamic and Beyond Organic regional grower nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. We operate sustainably year-round, and have a Certified Organic 40-acre heritage farm, growing amazing nutrient dense foods and enjoying heritage livestock breeds... our specialties! We are proud to produce the best mixed-market garden, wide varieties of produce which are high in vitality — also called superfoods — that make your senses come alive and support optimal health and wellness! We are a second generation farming family and are passionate about growing great food for our local communities, while restoring healthy agriculture to our country. Come see our premier herd of heritage Oberhasli milking goats and beautiful farm to enjoy! And too, you won't want to miss our special pure healing and nourishing goat milk soaps, plus our handcrafted gourmet goat milk gelato! Stay tuned, as we have more goodies to share on the horizon as we expand!

Our Story

Fields of Gold Farm is a heritage historic farm built in the late 30’s by a German inventor and clockmaker.  By the early 40’s all the main buildings had been constructed and put into use.  In addition to the main house, there was a shop for equipment repairs, a farm manager’s home, a springhouse, a smokehouse that cures meats and vegetables (and can also flavor cheeses too), a chicken barn for eggs and layers, plus a large livestock barn for cows, horses, pigs and goats.  This 40-acre farm was completely self-sustaining and productive for many years and provided a livelihood and good wholesome food for all who worked and grew up here.  All the original buildings are still intact and maintained to this day.

Our family settled here in the 60’s and quickly became acclimated to the farming life.  We worked the soil and grew a large vegetable garden, planted and harvested many different varieties of apples for the local juice facility, baled hay several times a year and kept many horses (one of our passions growing up).  Looking back in reflection, our family’s conscious choice to create roots in healthy agriculture, plus living and raising children in a more rural life setting, was quite progressive for that period of time.  It provided the framework for how the farm has evolved into today and the path we choose to continually develop in the philosophies and practices of sustainable organic / biodynamic farming and restoration agriculture.  Building community and supporting life through these important principles helps to create a good foundation of good health and vitality.

Today, Fields of Gold Farm is a Certified Organic and Biodynamic working farm with much to offer, currently and building toward the future.  Our specialty is nutrient dense, high vitality fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs and a heritage goat dairy following the same high vitality protocols that are health giving and life sustaining.  Our plan for the farm is to create the best-of-the-best foods, products and heritage livestock.  We also want to create a hub that nurtures our reconnection with food and an appreciation for ‘back-to-the-land’ ways.  Some of the important facets for the farm project are:

• high vitality, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables
• heritage goat dairy products from our creamery such as gourmet gelato
• artisan goat milk soaps with biofeedback frequencies for healing
• mixed berries, including seasonal u-pick times
• heritage breeds of draft horses, sheep, poultry and venison
• healthy pastured free range eggs
• organic & bio-dynamic plants and greenhouse operations
• farm store for food and provisions
• soil testing lab for biological agriculture
• high vitality water
• workshops, lectures and classes
• children’s programs
• agricultural mentoring and life skills training
• farm tours and year round family activities

We welcome you to connect with us if our story appeals to you.  If helping us to achieve our goals with the Fields of Gold Farm project is of interest to you, please let us know.  We offer many creative ways for you to contribute to our worthy cause, making for a win-win situation for our supporters.  Thank you for stopping by and please come back to visit often!